Your Energy Is The Key

Does your spark need reigniting?

 The energy systems of your body can give clues for healing

 Do you listen to your body? Do you sit, tune in and really acknowledge the little signals it’s giving you? Paying attention to ourselves and listening to what our body needs is key to eliminating stress, tension, fear, frustration and dis-ease

Energy medicine is the oldest, safest, most accessible, healing there is. We are energetic beings and linked to the energy of everything around us. Even though we cannot necessarily see it we can prove it to it by using it. Within the energetic frequency that we are lies the answer to what our physical body displays. Energy medicine is very subtle, holding keys to health and vitality, calming anxiety, relieving stress.

The energy usually flows. When it is blocked or stagnant it causes disruptions causing symptoms, disease, pain

 We have three major energy systems Meridians, Chakras and Aura

In Creative Kinesiology we can tap into the body’s own innate wisdom for answers held in these energy systems, using amazing muscle testing. Together with the knowledge from modern techniques in Chiropractic work and acupressure points we can get a picture of where the issues are held in the body.

Even more wonderfully, a skilled therapist can delve into the story and emotions, finding the root cause from the clues.  Often the stuck energy is due to emotional issues

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