Overcoming Raynaud’s misery and pain My Journey to Relief

Do you suffer with Raynauds?

Is it stopping you from enjoying yourself?

You don’t understand why you have it, let alone get rid of it?

Would you love it to stop? Get to know about Freedom for Raynauds pain.

So, what is Raynauds?

Raynauds is such a common condition, affecting blood circulation. Up to 10 million (one in six) people suffer from this condition, in the UK. It’s more common in women, typically aged 15 to 25 years.

What happens?

The main triggers are cold, anxiety, and emotional stress.

The body’s normal reaction, of peripheral blood vessels, narrowing, when exposed to cold is exaggerated. In Raynauds sufferers the extremities become over-sensitive to changes in temperature or stress. This causes an attack

Do your hands turn colour like this?

Raynauds Symptoms

What are the signs?

The extremities – fingers, toes, knees, ear, nose, or nipples change colour, first going white, then blue, and then bright red as the blood returns. This can cause pain, tingling, numbness, soreness, and then throbbing as the blood returns.

Are there solutions?

Experts don’t fully understand the cause of Raynauds attacks, except that it seems like an over-reaction. While there are some medications or even medical procedures in some cases, many sufferers are advised to try natural therapies.

So, what’s different about OldPain2Go and how does it help?

Due to the experiences of a colleague, I started to treat clients with Raynauds two years ago, with a process called OldPain2Go. This process has proved not just to help with pain management but reducing and clear old pain messages in general.  

This started as an experiment. Maybe it was a physical manifestation of past/present stress that the body is holding on to.

There is always a story, held in the unconscious that creates a programme. Finding the root cause proved to be no different for Raynauds! We could find what switched the symptoms on and switch them off.

So, what happens in a session?

At first, we talk through your history, with the purpose of finding your individual story. What was happening when the symptoms started? What are your symptoms like? When do they affect you? Usually, this is an old pain message and the original reason your symptoms started has resolved.

I then work with you to engage your unconscious mind, – the part of you that knows the story and tries to protect you. I ask it to show a specific ‘Yes’ signal if it understands the programme running for you and is willing to release it.

The final part is called draining the Pain, Inflammation, and Tension. For this, you sit in a relaxed state and allow your body to release the programme, with my guidance. At no time are you hypnotised or in a trance.  

In the second session, we follow up on how you have felt and the changes noted. We then complete any further therapeutic work needed and follow up advice,

No! I can hear you saying. Surely, it’s not possible.

There are people, out there now, who suffered, who now can get stuff out of the freezer, tolerate cold weather, walk their dogs in the cold, travel to snowy countries, and more.

Sally is one of them. She came to see me in complete distress with the condition. She struggled to take her children in cold weather and enjoy outdoor activities with them. 

She was in her late 20s and had suffered from the condition for several years. She just couldn’t understand why. With further discussion, it turned out that the start of the symptoms coincided with her husband leaving her. She had not been able to move on! She was not flowing emotionally.

During the two sessions, we explored this and with understanding, Sally was able to let go of the programme that was trapping her and stopping her from flowing emotionally.

This is what happened to Sally, below

Freedom from Raynauds Pain

So, what would it mean to you to say goodbye to Raynauds?

Let’s talk:

I offer 2 x 1 ½ hour sessions online or in person  

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