Freedom from Chronic Pain

If you have been in pain for more than 3 months and have a medical diagnosis, I can help the find and deal with the cause of your pain. Get to know about old pain, How to dealing with old pain by going through this highly informative article.

The OldPain2Go Methodology quickly ‘turns off’ problematic chronic pain. It’s safe and suitable for anybody with longstanding pain (physical or emotional). The body only will release the pain that is safe to do so. This is based on sound logic and the latest understanding of the mind/body connection. The pain unnecessary pain message can be turned off!

The session is not physical, but a talking therapy, that works directly with your goals and desires and YOU are in control at all times. A session lasts about 60 minutes. During that time client and practitioner together to discover the cause of the pain.

We will work with the part of the body that controls your pain, the unconscious mind, to review the need for it. We will talk about current symptoms and when they started. Then we will discover your personal story, taking into account your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs as well as your circumstances. 

Typically it only takes a short time to find out what result can be achieved. There is most often complete pain relief or very reduced pain. In more complex situations, further sessions may be required.


Then let me tell you about my client Jim.

Jim suffered chronic back pain for 44 years.

Every morning his back was locked and sore. It got worse during the day and often kept him awake at night.

During his teens, Jim enjoyed playing football, track events, and javelin. Aged 18, he was delighted to win an athletic scholarship, However, whilst using a javelin, he injured himself and cut off two fingers on his right hand, putting an end to his sporting career.

Jim blamed himself and for over 10 years, he suffered PTSD symptoms – headaches, stomach pains, and panic attacks, as well as developing pain in his right hip and lower back.

Jim worked in welding fabrication work which further irritated his back. X-rays had shown minor arthritis, some disc degeneration, and bone spurs but nothing that should give him that level of pain.

No physical therapies or painkillers helped.

As Jim’s story unfolded, we discovered the emotional cause of his pain. He had felt unsupported at the time of his accident, by his parents who had a new business, plus he held himself to blame for the accident. He held anger, sadness, and remorse about it and the lost opportunities. He had not let go and felt helpless. One session with me changed all that.

Here’s what Jim had to say in his own words…

‘I recently had a session with Lyn Whittington, regarding 40 years of back pain!  

I was hoping to keep carrying it around haha! But Lyn and my unconscious had different plans for me.   

I struggled every day with a locked-up painful back that got worse throughout the day.   

I chose Lyn because she came highly recommended but I can honestly say she is awesome! 

I left with minimal pain, which has now gone! My back feels amazing!  I did a lot of stuff this weekend which normally would trigger pain. I’m pain-free. Yeah!

Disclaimer:  This is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, assessment, or treatment and is simply a way of accessing your own natural self-healing ability.

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