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It is possible that some clients’ needs can be met by a one-off session, related to a very specific issue. Also, after completing a planned program with me, many clients choose to attend one-off follow-up sessions. Clients come to me for personalised 1:1 sessions. Their issues can be related to stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, phobia, confidence, self-worth, chronic physical pain, and much more.

Here are some of the testimonials clients have given me after their sessions with me:

Testimonial 1

I was referred to Lyn by a friend and I am so pleased I was…

I was struggling with panic attacks, anxiety, and a lack of confidence. Constantly in tears and not able to be in the house alone. Also not sleeping well. This affected my job too. Lyn is such an approachable lady, very friendly, and made me feel instantly relaxed in her presence. She helped me through a lot and saw the situation to the end. I have a lot to thank her for. I feel really good and positive about my future for the first time in months. I have started a new job, am going for long walks, driving on my own, eating and sleeping better and as my Mum says have got my sparkle back and even a new boyfriend. Thank you, Lyn.



Testimonial 2

I recently had a session with Lyn Whittington, regarding 40 years of back pain. I was hoping to keep carrying it around Ha Ha! But Lyn and my unconscious had different plans for me.  I struggled every day with a locked up painful back on arising and in great pain at the end of the day after completing massages.  I chose Lyn because she came highly recommended but I can honestly say she is awesome! I left with minimal pain, which has now gone! My back feels amazing!  I did a lot of stuff this weekend which normally would trigger pain with none at all Yeah!

Jimmy Adcock USA


Testimonial 3

I had suffered the pain of rheumatoid arthritis for years. My doctor gave me a strong painkiller, Codeine, which didn’t help the rest of my system. I had pain in my groin, back, shoulder, arms and swollen painful fingers, and worst of all in my knees. I wasn’t sleeping and had to use a stick. I was desperate to have some respite and saw Lyn’s advert. I checked out the testimonials, which convinced mead telephone. What did I have to lose except the pain? After the session, I had no pain and didn’t need to use my stick. After a couple of days I a little came back I my knee, which Lyn attended to in our follow-up session. I am still pain-free. This is a marvelous treatment. Thank you Lyn.  I feel you have given me my life back.

Kitty Harrold Perry


Testimonial 4

I must praise you and your pioneering efforts with OldPain2Go. I have been troubled, for many years, with rheumatoid arthritis, especially in my left ankle. The pain was making it very difficult to walk very far, without experiencing a lot of pain. I really struggled on a recent holiday. You quickly understood my story and since your treatment, via Skype, my condition has improved greatly and I can walk easily without pain. I chose to work with you as I was intrigued by the process. I would like to impress anyone suffering any pain to get in touch with you, an I am sure they will benefit. I was treated in June 2018 and still benefit.

Dennis Hillman     Billericay

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