Helping Youngsters Thrive

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  • Last Update March 5, 2023


This Youngsters thrive Programme is designed with teenagers and younger adults in mind, to take them from struggling to thriving in 10 key sessions. Using my past experience with teenagers in education and therapy, I am able to form good relationships with them and gauge their needs.

Parents, you may have noticed your young person become withdrawn, argumentative, or emotional, perhaps complaining of stomach ache, headache, or feeling sick. It might have gotten to the point of displaying anxiety, panic attacks or not wanting to leave the house or be alone. Your youngster is changing before your eyes and you are in despair, possibly you have visited the GP. Perhaps you have got to the point of not knowing what to do and worrying that your school work, college course, or job is suffering. What will their longer-term future be like?

I have successfully helped many youngsters and I can help yours. My youngsters thrive programme is split into 3 key components:




In Stage A: we will initially discuss what is happening physically and emotionally and shine a light on what is really going on using a range of therapeutic tools. By the end of this stage we will have identified the key root causes and your youngster will have a better understanding of what is happening to them and their physical health will begin to improve.

In Stage B: we will continue to ‘lighten the rucksack of issues and help them get back on track, with supportive work on self-awareness, self-esteem, social anxiety, and confidence, as identified.

In Stage C: I help them to see a better long-term future, diving into their talents and skills and aligning their energies for the steps needed for the goals we identify together. I will also teach them some self-help techniques to use going forward.

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