Dedicated to helping you gain freedom from stress, fatigue, and emotional or physical pain, so you can live your life to the full.

Your symptoms are the only way your body can tell you that something is wrong. Discover how I can treat the symptoms and the cause, freeing you from emotional or physical pain.


One to One Adult Sessions

Personalised sessions designed to address the specific needs of the individual. Work with me in a safe environment to explore and improve your precise emotional or physical issues.

One to One Adult Sessions

These sessions cover subjects like stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, phobia, confidence, self-worth, chronic physical pain and much more.

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Helping Youngsters Thrive

Extremely experienced at working with teenagers and young adults, I help those who are struggling with the pressures of growing up and how that is manifesting in them emotionally and physically.

Helping Youngsters Thrive

If your young person is becoming withdrawn, argumentative or over emotional or complaining of stomach ache, headache or feeling sick, then let me work on the root cause and help them thrive.

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Webinars / Group Workshops

Prefer to listen or participate as part of a group? From time to time, I run online webinars covering many common challenges. I also occasionally run in person group workshops in Cambridgeshire.

Webinars / Group Workshops

These events give people the opportunity to gain support from both myself and other participants. Subjects have included anxiety, fear, ongoing physical pain and much more.

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— About Me

I help people heal their emotional or physical pain using kinesiology, an effective holistic therapy that rebalances the body and creates health and well-being.

I first became involved with Creative Kinesiology whilst seeking help for my own health issues. I was immediately impressed by the way it got to the root of the problem and worked in an effective, holistic, drug-free way. I was amazed by the way my body provided such accurate information about what was really wrong and how the practitioner worked with me to make improvements. Not only was my health restored, but I was also shown some tools that helped me to take responsibility for my health moving forward, and heal other people from their emotional or physical pain.

I was so inspired that I decided to train as a Kinesiologist on my retirement from teaching. I am passionate about using my skills to help people understand how our body’s energy affects our health so dramatically. When our energy is blocked or stagnant it creates disruption, causing symptoms, pain, and even disease. By using Creative Kinesiology methods, I can read your symptoms and find the blockages which are the source of your suffering and help you release, balance, and heal.

Over the years I have added NLP, BLAST, EFT, and OldPain2Go therapies to my services and am a Bach Essence Practitioner.

I have been treating clients successfully since 2011 and it would be my pleasure to help you.

Lyn Whittington

The Mystery of Chronic Pain - Lyn Whittington
Years of

Freeing people’s energy blockages gives many additional benefits, such as:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Relief from physical pain and tension
  • Enhanced brain function and coordination
  • Emotional relief from trauma, anxiety, fear, or stress
  • Changed old belief patterns and unhelpful emotions
  • Discovery of personal gifts and talents
  • Strength to uncover their identity and find new opportunities
  • Discovery of nutritional needs and intolerances


"I recently worked with Lyn to help me clear blocks I had about moving forward with my business. It was all about lacking confidence and not being more visible. I always had issues in my childhood when it came to putting myself out there. Lyn worked with me using creative Kinesiology to clear the blocks, helping me to accept that I have the knowledge & creativity within me to do the work I wanted to do with ease and flow. I now use the mantra that Lyn taught me and have gone form strength to strength setting up my own group where I’m very visible and leading people and building my business. I will highly recommend Lyn to everyone feeling stuck."
Jackie W
"Lyn has helped me overcome several issues that were having a detrimental effect on my health. She is easy to talk to and someone you can trust wholeheartedly. Her experience as a teacher, means she is able to grasp the essence of the problem and assess your need quickly. She doesn’t waste your time and leaves you feeling confident in her abilities to help you using her skills as a highly trained therapist. I didn’t actually choose Lyn, she just came into my life at the right time and through chatting about what she did, decided to give it a chance. I had tried everything else and had given up on ever being pain free."
Bella D
"I was having back trouble soon after we met. I had had back trouble since I was a child and the medical profession hadn’t helped at all. I had spent a fortune on chiropractors and osteopaths over the years and had accepted that this was never going away. Lyn used her box of tricks and discovered the cause of my recurring back trouble. It was fascinating, very enlightening and believable. Not only did my back respond to treatment, I grew in confidence due to old patterns and beliefs being dealt with. I have had cause to revisit Lyn on occasion since but she always knew what to suggest to bring me back to health and well-being. "
Lorna B
"I was really struggling with anxiety, stress teaching, with a relationship and more. My skin had broken out, I had shoulder tension, a wreck really! Since seeing Lyn I have gained confidence and balance in my life. It has honestly been life changing as I can clearly see a path forward. As soon as I came to the workshop, I knew this was for me. I have not been disappointed."
Poppy S
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Simple Steps to Success

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Make a decision
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Transformation Completed
A great life of NO pain awaits you with all your blockages removed. You are now ready to become the best version of yourself, in your personal life and in business.

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